Redstone Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Medically Approved

41HiQ5LcNGL• Advanced microchip detects incoming sound levels, and provides continuous volume regulation, while its noise-free setting filters out low-frequency background interference, making spoken words clearly audible
• A second setting disables the filter, ideal for amplification when in nature or in an otherwise quiet environment. Includes three differently sized silicone caps to accommodate all ear canals
• Back ear piece: 4.5cm x 1.8cm x 1cm. Earpiece to ear bud: = 5.5cm. Charging/store box = 9.7cm x 7cm x 2.4cm. Continuous Use: 12-16 hours when full charged. Chargeable by mains or battery
• Max. Output Sound Level Gain: 50 5dB. Highest Sound Pressure Level for Input SPL 90dB: 145dB 5dB. Equivalent Input Noise Level: Below 29dB.
• Redstone medically approved rechargeable hearing amplifier has no VAT – see main description for terms

• RRP: £89.99

NO VAT (TERMS & CONDITIONS) *Please note the price does NOT include VAT. The Redstone hearing amplifier is classified as a medical device, and therefore qualifies for VAT Exemption. For VAT purposes, a person is “chronically sick or disabled”, if their lack of hearing has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out every day activities. The item must be for personal or domestic use. NOTE: If purchasing on behalf of a “chronically sick or disabled” person, then the person buying must still make the declaration in their name. On order confirmation you will be sent an email detailing the eligibility declaration, which you will need to reply to. On receipt of this email your order item will be despatched. The sale is based on these terms and conditions.

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Redstone Back Massage Machine with Electric Pulse Magnet Heat and Extension Therapy Pain Relief

417D3zzK2qL• Synchronised lumbar therapy: electronic pulse, magnetic, heat moxibustion, extension and traction
• This hi tech synchronous back care system incorporates low frequency electrotherapy, magnet therapy, heat moxibustion, extension and traction. Promotes blood circulation, stimulates acupuncture points, relieves pain and heals reaching both tissues and bone
• Attached controller. Intensity, mode and timing options. Voice guidance. Included 2 electrode pads. Size: 43cm x 31cm
• NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH: epilepsy, heart disease, implanted medical devices (such as pacemakers), deep vein thrombosis, critical illness, pregnant women, women in menstrual period, sensitive skin, cancer, tumour, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, severe diabetes, severe high blood pressure, varicose veins, and children under 16
• RRP: £99.99

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Foot Massager with Heat and Air Compression Kneading Shiatsu Circulation Redstone

51uPZ3VK17L• 5 massage options – kneading, scraping, shiatsu, heat or air pressure
• 2 mode options and adjustable air pressure. Size: 43cm x 31cm. Weight: 5kg
• Remote control. 15 minute auto shut off when using heat option to prevent over heating
• Promotes relaxation, and may help circulation. Removable and washable cloth cover foot sleeve
• Consult doctor if suffer from medical conditions listed below in description.
• RRP: £119.99


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Redstone Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Therapy Arm Foot Circulation Calf Blood Booster

41v+eiTlNEL• COMPRESSION THERAPY: Gently applying and releasing pressure to the calf or arm, air compression therapy improves circulation, relieves cramps, restless legs, common aches, pains and stiffness, everyday swelling and discomfort brought on by poor circulation, lymphoma, neuropathy and muscle twinges
• HEATED CUFFS, 3 INTENSITY LEVELS, 2 MODES: Choose between heated or unheated treatments. 3 intensity levels: low, medium, and high. 2 modes: auto mode offers dynamic compression levels and inflation / deflation / hold timing. Manual mode offers consistent inflation, deflation, hold and intensity levels
• EASY USE: After securing the cuffs around your calf or legs, simply select the mode and intensity to begin your therapy. To ensure user safety and prevent damage to the device, the therapy will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of continuous use
• MEASUREMENTS: Cuffs: 37cm x 62cm. Cable length on cuffs: 100cm. Hand Unit: 17cm x 9cm x 4cm. Mains cable: 180cm. Carry bag: 46cm x 25cm
• NOT SUITABLE: skin disorders, deep vein thrombosis, cerebral or coronary thrombosis, severe peripheral circulation problems, malignant tumours, heart disorders, severe aneurysms, varices, sensory disorders due to diabetes, lack of sensitivity to temperature, epilepsy, high blood pressure, pregnant women or children under 16. Consult your doctor before use if you have implanted medical devices (such as pacemakers), or any medical condition
• RRP £99.99

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51JHd4oWFaL• QUICK & EFFECTIVE SPOT-ON RELIEF – resembling the hands of a massage therapist, our massager provides an intense and human-like kneading shiatsu massage to soothe aching neck, shoulders and back
• TARGETED KNEADING MASSAGE – with ergonomically designed 8 deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes, you can experience a spa-quality massage. The nodes can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise.
• SOOTHING HEATING FUNCTION – the heating function promotes circulation and further alleviation muscle aches, leaving you refreshed after each massage session. The roller heads can be heated to a comfortable 45 degrees only
• VERSATILE USAGE – User-friendly massagers can be used on various body parts, such as your neck, shoulders, back, thighs and ankles. The portable design allows you to use in the comfort of your home, office or even in the car
• SAFE & CONVENIENT – 15-minutes auto-shut-off function and overheat protection system to ensure your safety. Convenient integrated controls for easy operation. Putting a towel underneath to make the massage more comfortable
• RRP £59.99


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Utopia SAD Light LED Energy Efficiency HALF Electric Cost + Lasts THREE TIMES As Long – Medically Certified 10,000 + Timer + 3 light intensities + 12 Month Guarantee

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Utopia 10,000 Lux SAD light is VAT free – see main description for terms and contraindications EU medically certified to treat SAD – CE 0123. 12 months guarantee. Travel pouch included Size: 17cm (L) x 15cm (H) x 2cm (W). … Continue reading

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Shoe Babinet Black 1 1kx1kRedstone laminated MDF shoe storage cabinet
Size: 83cm (w) x 34cm (l) x 90cm (h)
4 shelves + 1 drawer. Stores 16 shoes
Multi-purpose use as shoe cupboard or storage cabinet. Supplied flat pack
Drawer: 75 (w) x 30 (l) x 8cm (h). Shelves: 80 (w) x 30 (l) x 15cm (h)
RRP: £99.99

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Redstone Tall Bathroom Cabinet

4 cabinets 1k BLACK KNOBSRedstone black laminated MDF bathroom cabinet – 1 cupboard + 3 shelves
Size: 30cm (l) x 30cm (w) x 160cm (h). Weight: 20kg. Supplied flat pack
Shelf size: 27cm (w) x 28cm (w) x 30cm (h) – all 3 shelves are same size
Multi-purpose use as cupboard or storage cabinet
RRP: £89.99

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Redstone Bathroom Cabinet – 4 Drawers + 1 Cupboard – Wooden Storage Furniture

Bathroom Cabinet x 4 1kRedstone laminated MDF bathroom cabinet – 4 drawers + 1 cupboard
Size: 56cm (w) x 30cm (l) x 81cm (h). Weight 21kg. Supplied flat packed
Shelf size: 27cm (w) x 27cm (l) x 33cm (h) – both shelves are same size
Drawer size: 23cm (w) x 28cm (l) x 14cm (h)
Multi-purpose use as cupboard or storage cabinet
RRP: £89.99

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Redstone Black Dressing Table Set with Stool and XL Drawer with Dividers

This gallery contains 5 photos.

• Redstone black dressing table with black cushioned stool. Material: Pine + MDF • Adjustable mirror + XL drawer with dividers for make up – see pictures • Dressing table size: 75cm (l) x 40cm (w) x 145cm (height to … Continue reading

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