Redstone Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Medically Approved

41HiQ5LcNGL• Advanced microchip detects incoming sound levels, and provides continuous volume regulation, while its noise-free setting filters out low-frequency background interference, making spoken words clearly audible
• A second setting disables the filter, ideal for amplification when in nature or in an otherwise quiet environment. Includes three differently sized silicone caps to accommodate all ear canals
• Back ear piece: 4.5cm x 1.8cm x 1cm. Earpiece to ear bud: = 5.5cm. Charging/store box = 9.7cm x 7cm x 2.4cm. Continuous Use: 12-16 hours when full charged. Chargeable by mains or battery
• Max. Output Sound Level Gain: 50 5dB. Highest Sound Pressure Level for Input SPL 90dB: 145dB 5dB. Equivalent Input Noise Level: Below 29dB.
• Redstone medically approved rechargeable hearing amplifier has no VAT – see main description for terms

• RRP: £89.99

NO VAT (TERMS & CONDITIONS) *Please note the price does NOT include VAT. The Redstone hearing amplifier is classified as a medical device, and therefore qualifies for VAT Exemption. For VAT purposes, a person is “chronically sick or disabled”, if their lack of hearing has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out every day activities. The item must be for personal or domestic use. NOTE: If purchasing on behalf of a “chronically sick or disabled” person, then the person buying must still make the declaration in their name. On order confirmation you will be sent an email detailing the eligibility declaration, which you will need to reply to. On receipt of this email your order item will be despatched. The sale is based on these terms and conditions.

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